Personal year guidance

If you follow numerology, it is nice to know we all have a personal year number that we can use for guidance each year.

The new year starts with your birthday and the number represents a vibrational shift. How this shift affects you is referred to as your personal year number. There are 9 cycles in total and I have included how to work out your personal year and guidance for each year.
At any stage in our life, we can decide to make drastic changes but just know you can use this guide to help you calculate or get your bearings. I have used it for many years and always find if nothing else it makes you feel better about the year ahead.

To work out your personal year, Add the day and month of your birthday but add the current year you are in.

So say your birthday is 4/12 and the current year is 2019. The year 2019 is the universal #3 (2+1+9 = 12 =1+2 = 3)
Add 4 + 1 + 2 +3 = 10. Further, reduce this to a single digit = 1. So from the day of your birthday in that year, your number would be #1.

Special note: Master numbers such as 11 & 22 remain double digits. For example 22/8/2019. The #22 does not get reduced so it would read 22 + 8+ 3 = 32 = 3+2=5. You would be in a year 5
04 /04/2019 = 4 + 4 + 3 = 11. This does not get reduced to a single digit.

The year you are in can have a significant influence on what happens for you in the year ahead. If you are in a year 9 this is the year of completion and so changes that you should be making in your life will come to completion either by your own influence or if you fail to make that decision then sometimes the universe will step in and make that decision for you. It is clearing out all that does not serve you for your higher good to assist with bringing in the new changes for year 1.

Every year on your birthday, work out what year you are in and set intentions accordingly. A year 1, 9, 11 or 22 are brilliant opportunities to make changes.

I have listed the meanings for each year here.

Personal Year # 1

New Beginnings. This year bring new beginnings for you. In the prior year (9) you may have cleared out people or circumstances from your life. A clean slate so to speak allowing you opportunities to put new and improved conditions in your life. NOW is the time to put those ideas or intentions into action. Write down what you want to bring in and be very specific. Be clear on how you want YOUR picture to look.

Starting something new can take you outside of our comfort zone. Watch or read inspirational stories that will keep you motivated. I spoke about in a previous post a microsoft program I use to set my intentions each year. Follow the link –

This is a new start and you have the opportunity to lift our awareness of this universal law. Whether it is a new lifestyle, job, relationship or just complete life overhaul, this is the year to do it. This is the year for reinventing yourself. You deserve it!!

Personal year #2

Relationships. Year 2 is a time to reflect on the previous year. What was good, what was not so good and what needs tweaking. You can find yourself torn in which area to focus and you may find you start to revert to the familiar and fall back into old patterns. Pay attention to the energies you are creating as well as attracting. Do these serve you? Meaning, do they make you feel good OR bad when you focus on them. Do they align with what you want? Don’t lose focus on the BIG picture.

Do you need to learn how to receive if you find yourself pushing back on something good coming in. This is quite common as we are so conditioned to only accept that which we feel we deserve. We become suspicious of receiving something that is really good for us that has never happened before. Old thinking habits start to appear. Remember, you are creating new experiences and circumstances in your life and these don’t always appear as we think they might. The new YOU must learn to recognise and acknowledge these changes and listen to your inner voice. Since 2 is about relationships, you may find yourself meeting new people. This isn’t always in a romantic form though. It may be a new colleague at work or a new friendship. Year 2 is reflection and clarification.

Personal year #3

Expansion and creation. Year 3 is about expanding on the new and tapping into your creative juices. Whether that is new you, relationship or lifestyle, keep building the picture to create your future. A way to enhance this expansion what do more of what makes your soul happy.

Read my blog post on the soul. Elysium Soul/ Our Soul

Tap into your imagination to keep creating the life you want. Imagination, creating tools to keep you focussed or noting the changes that have already appeared within the last 2 years. Be grateful and again acknowledge them. This will help raise your good energy or vibration. If you imagine the life you want is on a very high shelf and the only way to reach it is to create enough energy within you to lift you up to the same level of the shelf. Once you are there you just take what you want. Remember you put the contents on that shelf so there isn’t anything you would not choose off the shelf to have in your life. To understand energy, it is the feeling inside you when you get excited about something that is about to happen. The thought of this “something” gives you so much joy and happiness that you feel so unbelievably good. Find movies, You tube videos or inspirational quotes that help keep you focused. THAT’S THE VIBRATION!! Do more of this and less of the lower energy such as sadness, disappointment or depression.
Your creativity is coming into its own so do something with it. Expand on the big picture. Go out and meet people that will bring you information and resources to further help you create this life you are visualising. Focus on what is going well in your world and fix or change the things that aren’t. Take control.

Personal year #4

Self-Development and personal growth. This is the year to start solidifying the new changes and the new year. YOU need to start focusing on YOU. Self-development and personal growth is the focus this year. Start laying the solid foundation so that your new life stands the test of time. Now, this is not to say, you won’t have difficulties or down times, but the secret is to get up again and keep going. This is the time to lock in daily routines that will become automatic. This is the year to be disciplined with your physical self. Lose weight, tone up, get fit. If you feel good in yourself this increases the energy required to push through any difficulties that pop up. Invest in some meditation or yoga exercise or taking long walks in nature. Get a new haircut.

Year 4 is the year where you become stronger and more secure in yourself. Invest in your spiritual growth and become more aware of you within. We all have a soul that is unique to us. Rediscover who you are. Set the foundation and enjoy the ride.

Personal year #5

Changes. Hold onto your hat. This is an exciting year for so many changes. This is the fruition year where all the groundwork from the previous year’s starts to fall into place. New people, places and experiences will start to manifest. Your social world will start to open up with all the networking you have done. This is a good year to travel to that destination you have had your eye on. Year 5 is also about expansion but more on the personal level and experiences you are asking for. Listen to your intuition. You may be surprised by what is on offer and what now interests you. If you have laid the ground work for developing new habits, this is the year you will reap the rewards. Shake off restrictions or restrictive people. Enjoy this time and take every advantage offered. Don’t be closed off to new things as you just might surprise yourself. Welcome the new changes, don’t fear them

Personal year #6

Balance and home life. This is the year where you will start evaluating all the changes and restore order in areas of your life you know is needed. Your focus will become about balancing your home life and work life. Focus on the earthly grounding such as finances, home, material needs and yourself. This is an ideal year to look at changing homes, jobs or starting a new business. Set up a plan to ensure you have financial security such as a budget. Live within your means and ensure you have a buffer for downturns in the market.

Pay attention to both the energies that are within when you examine these areas. Make changes to your home or workspace that are more harmonious so you feel relaxed, secure and comfortable. Take time out for yourself and do the things that bring you joy. or Spend quality time with your family. Spend time on your relationship. Organise date nights or weekends away. We race around, going through the motions and miss so many important parts of our lives.

Year 6 is the year to try and balance it all as much as possible. IT is very difficult to get life and work balance right so just chip away with little wins.
Focus on balance and harmony

Personal year #7

Self Analysis and understanding. This is the year of introspection, contemplation and understanding of yourself. Start delving within further to understand how you feel and what resonates within you. This is a year of waiting and development. This is a good year to take on courses and study to further assist you with your original plan. Your capacity for understanding and research is at its peak. Use this year to refine your skills. Take control of all situations both emotionally, spiritually and physically. Do this because you want this, not out of obligation. With the skills you have been working on in the previous years such as balance, control, inner harmony and strength, you should be able to maintain the focus on yourself. Learn to stay centred and rely on your own beliefs and not others. Don’t let others through their arrogance or ignorance convince you that you are someone else.

Have Trust and faith in the process of creating your life.

Personal year # 8

Reward and action. You have been putting everything in place for your completion year 9.
Discover your passions and pay attention to that inner feeling of excitement. This will keep you motivated. Action and opportunity, recognition and rewards with work. Be aware and take advantage of any opportunities that you see. Keep looking at the pictures of what you are creating. Do more of the things that you enjoy. Schedule them into your diary. This is the year to move into your own power in preparation for year 9. If you find yourself more challenged or having to move around things trust in yourself and your intuition to complete this current cycle

Personal year #9

Completion and endings. The final year in the cycle. Make those final decisions to bring about that you have been building on for the past 9 years. This is the year when people start finalising things. Some will finish relationships that should have ended years before or get to a point of enough (link here for blog) in their job or paying attention to their improved finances. This is the year of tying up loose ends or unfinished business.

Let go of the past and stop holding onto past issues or hurts. Most likely those situations or people will have moved on. Let go on whatever that is not serving your life as these will continue to hold you back.
Take your life into your own hands and be strong so you can end things that should end.

This is to clear the bench and clean the slate in preparation for the new cycle coming in.

Personal year 11 – Master number

Brilliance. This is THE year!!!!. This is the year where you will master your life. A bigger life is open to you. Opportunities, challenges and greater moments,. PAY ATTENTION and listen to your intuition. Whatever is your desire whether it be teaching, chef, speaker or leader. This is the year to do it.

You must acknowledge and be grateful for all that is offered to you. Try and switch everything to a positive light. There will be a reason for it all. Don’t be dissuade by opinions and step forward with courage and faith. Be open to new relationships whether that be romantic, work related or in your social circle. This is the year where influential people will enter your life to guide you. It is your job to notice and be aware of the offering. It may be something said as an off-handed comment or maybe a direct job offer. Pay attention. Make personal happiness and your own wellbeing your priority.

Plan the year so you put more time for friends, experiences and love. Be aware of the energy you project and you will attract only the best into your life.
This is fact and it is up to you if you choose to believe or disbelieve. There is no right or wrong.

This year is what you will make of it.

Personal year 22 – Master number

Fantastmagorical!!!!!!! Enough said.

Again this is YOUR year. Whatever you put in place will unfold. Discipline and focus are required. Be clear on what you want and put it into action. This year you can kick goals. Be sure of yourself. You were given this 22 year for a reason so know that you have the capabilities and don’t be afraid to seek out help. If you believe in yourself, the people and resources will come to you. Pay attention to your health and start exercising. Don’t think gyms and personal trainers. Make it fun. Dance!!! Get a group of friends together and put on the music loud. Trust me the energy generated will make you feel soooooo good.

This is the year to do something outside of your comfort zone. Start your business, change jobs outside of your scope of expertise, so that one extreme activity that you have been putting off.

This will be a remarkable year so just do it!


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