Let your imagination come out to play

I am sure it is safe to say that every one of us gets caught up in the “If I only had blah blah blah then cancel it out by our “realist” thoughts.

  • Oh, that will never happen for me.
  • I will never be able to afford that.
  • I will never attract someone like that.

And so it goes on.  This is conditioning through our life experiences that set the expectation, thus becoming our automatic response.
Now you will read, hear, and see inspirational stuff all around you. It’s almost impossible to open a magazine, Facebook, Instagram, or even drive somewhere without a positive affirmation hitting you in the face. Unfortunately, like anything that becomes part of our every day, we tend to ignore it or roll our eyes and flick past it. It can even impact our mood at that moment by causing frustration, depending on our mindset at the time. This results in unconsciously blocking it out. We become fed up and cynical because it just doesn’t work.
BUT I am here to tell you it does work. I have created my reality all my life, and it was when I hit my forties, and I watched a movie called “the secret” that I became aware of what I had been doing all my life unconsciously. Now “the secret” just scrapped the surface of how to create our perfect life. It was like giving you the first and the final chapter without the “step by step” process in between. But still a good start none the less. I often recommend it to people, particularly young people I mentor.

An excellent exercise to lift our awareness I suggest is to sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the good things that have come into your life for however long you can remember or your earliest childhood memories. No matter how simple or irrelevant it seems. I did this exercise and ended up with  3 full pages. I was astounded at the enormity of some of them like the time I desperately wanted a horse and ended up with 6 of them, and it never cost me a cent. I just had to feed, water and ride them. To this day, I still don’t know why the owner kept these horses? He rarely visited them but I remain very grateful none the less.

Now most of us daydream about a better life, partner, holidays or perfect job but that can be where it stops. However, your task is to continue to think about it, get excited to the point you feel that little flutter inside, trust it will happen, and it will manifest in some form in your life. It is the law.  If you create the ideal vibration internally, it will appear externally.

Unfortunately, our conditioning has trained us to get caught up in the “how” so most times it doesn’t manifest or we catch a glimpse and then it gets taken away.

Every thought emits a frequency inside us, which results in an emotion. The level of that emotion will either drive the energy towards what you want or cancel it out.
Good thought = high vibration, but if you allow the reality thought to creep in, then this creates a low vibration canceling out the order.

Your single role is to become aware of the feeling or emotion created with the thought and then train yourself to stay at a high level of vibration whenever you think of it. It is then your job to pay attention to impulses or information to bring it about. It can come in many forms. Signs, magazines,  articles, brief conversations with a friend or colleague or you may take a different route home and you come across an opportunity. The “how’s” are endless, and it is not your job to work that out. Just trust and have faith that it is on its way.

An example of this maybe wanting a new job. Your current situation may have become the treadmill to get a paycheck. It may have become mundane, or the energy of the place no longer sits with you, or you just know inside that there is something more out there to get you excited.

NOW this is the hard part. You must first decide what you would rather be doing, and this is where most people come stuck. They don’t know what they want to do. All they know is they don’t want to do this job anymore so it may take a while for you to work it out.

So here is the formula.

Decide what you want to be doing. It has to create a feeling of excitement and optimism inside. Every time you think about it, you can see it clearly and get excited. Keep it realistic and don’t make the mistake of canceling the order because you can’t imagine how it would possibly happen.
Write down precisely in great detail the description of the job. Location, hours, salary, colleagues, environment. Be very precise.
Find pictures or examples of that job or deliberately drive past the location if it is a real place you are already aware of.
Start learning as much as you can to upskill into that role. You may even have to do some related voluntary jobs that will give you skills or knowledge.
Note your internal feeling when you read that!! Haha. Negative or positive? Negative?? – STOP IT
Speak of it to friends or family. Don’t brag. Just mention that you want to change your job and this is what you would rather be doing. The more people you speak to the more chance of opportunities opening up.
NOW use your imagination. See yourself in the role. Allow yourself to feel how you know you would feel when you are working there. This is the secret. The frequency or vibration that you emit will send out appropriate waves to bring it about. Like attracts like!

I could write a book of examples where I have done this in my own work life. For one of my roles, I use to picture myself working in my private clinic as a blood collector. I had blood taken once and thought it looked like a cool job. I was working at a veterinary surgery at the time and was looking for a change. One afternoon a pathology courier picking up blood samples from the practice made a casual comment about a job that was coming up at the head office. I asked her about it the next day, and she arranged an interview. A month later, I was working as a phlebotomist for that pathology group. Another daydream I bought into my reality.  I didn’t go looking for it. It came to me through just seeing myself doing that job.

Now pay attention to impulses, prompts, conversations or new people you meet even if just by chance. It may be someone you are sitting next to in a train and strike up a conversation, and they give you information or advice. Someone or something will show up in your world to help you bring it about. This is the universe doing its job.

It may be a simple off the cuff comment but pay attention and then act on it. As often happens, you may have received this information before and not paid attention. Opportunities come to us multiple times throughout our life so it usually will come around again to give you another chance. How many times have you thought of a great idea and then someone releases it a short time later. It goes out to many people, but it is the person that acts on the hunches or prompts that reaps the rewards. Timing will also come into it.

The universe will bring you the resources and people to get you where you want to be as long as you do your bit.
Stay positive and keep looking at your pictures and create the feeling of excitement within. Pay attention to the vibe you are giving off when you are visualizing. You don’t want to get disappointed or angry because this vibe will cancel all the good you have done.
Be patient!!!! These things can take time. Don’t become frustrated or start having negative thoughts. Just trust, have faith and it will happen when the timing is right. It may take 12 months, and this is because things have to change in someone else’s world to bring it about. For example, when you get the role, you learn that the person you replaced was waiting on an overseas opportunity to open up and didn’t resign until that came about. There is usually a domino effect.

When you become practiced at this, you will automatically start to notice little synchronicities every day. Your awareness and focus will become more directed towards the positive and dwell less on any adverse events. It is so exciting to think of the potential of what we are capable of and can deliberately create in our lives. It is a more beautiful, less stressful way to live.

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