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I had another brilliant example of the power of our intentions again this past week. I know for sure that our thoughts bring about our reality, and it is the energy or feeling behind that thought that creates how we will experience it in our life.     I travel consistently for work, and last week was in Sydney, Australia. I had a hectic week going to multiple clinics throughout Sydney and the north coast, finishing at Miranda on Friday, in Sydney’s South. As was pretty typical, my flight got rescheduled till Saturday morning, so I booked to stay in the Sydney CBD, which is only about 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. I love the city of Sydney, especially on Fridays. The energy is amzing with upmarket bars, restaurants, markets, and events in the Botanical gardens, so I planned to go for a walk down to the harbor. There are multiple parks on offer as well, all lit with fairy lights. I rise very early so intended doing another walk early Saturday morning before my flight.  

When I left Miranda, it was pouring rain, so I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to go for a walk but did not get upset. It was what it was, so I surrendered to the circumstance. When I got to the hotel in the CBD, the hotel’s restaurant had an outlook on the city and had a charming vibe and was quiet with only a few guests.  

My thought was to go down and eat in the restaurant, which I usually never do. As most travelers will tell you, most people don’t enjoy being Nigel “no” friends in a restaurant. By the time I got to my room, I had decided I couldn’t be bothered changing and thought I would catch up on my work emails and watch a bit of TV. While turning on the TV, I tried to ring room service. There was no answer, so I thought I would flick through the channels and try again in 5 minutes. When I put on the guide, the TV went blank. I turned it off and on several times and could not get a picture.  

So I had a choice. I could get frustrated and start an internal rant about why things weren’t going well, or I could take it as a sign I was meant to stick with my original plan eating in the restaurant. I decided the latter. With a beautiful meal and a sparkling wine, I stopped and took in the scene. It was lovely looking out on the city and just winding down from my hectic week. I was happy and content. It was then I noticed that the rain had lightened, so I decided to walk to the small supermarket close by and get desert. Yes, I love ice-cream after dinner. Once I started walking, I saw the rain had stopped entirely, and I took notice of what the universe had prepared for me. Not a cloud in the sky and the perfect temperature for a walk. It was magic. The harbor was magnificent, and a private function provided the night sky with fireworks. I played lawn chess with some random people in the park, watched a young couple do yoga and an older couple dance to their own music in a quiet section of the park. The feeling this created internally was beyond describable. Of course, Starbucks was open, so I finished the night with a hot chocolate and slice. I was gone over 3 hours and enjoyed every minute. On the way back it was slightly drizzling with rain again, and by the time I got to the hotel, it was raining heavily.  

Was this all coincidence. I choose to think NO. It was the universe paving the way for me to take the walk I had intended. The FEELING that I received from those couple of hours gave me a great night sleep, and yes, I got my second walk the following morning. I carried that feeling with me for several days, AND I acknowledged the events that allowed it to happen. My rescheduled flight, broken TV, clearing of the rain, the temperature of the night, and even the fireworks.   

These circumstances are what we need to give our attention too. Something that could have been incredibly frustrating and set a negative vibration in motion, I chose a different perspective. By doing something out of my everyday routine, I was so grateful for the opportunity even though it was something simple. I created it by the feeling that I initially invested followed by my lack of reaction when 1st my flight got canceled, followed by the heavy rain when I left work. By all accounts, it looked as though my Sydney adventure wasn’t going to happen. BUT it did. The strength of my initial excitement of spending the night in Sydney canceled out the unfavorable circumstances that arose, resulting in a better outcome to my night. Even writing this story now, I can still recreate the feelings I felt that night.  

I have many stories similar to this that is proof that our thoughts can create a better reality. Ideas, choices, and the feelings they create are what works. Give it a try…

 Not every day is good, but there is some good in every day.  

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