Happy New Year 2020

We all set the intention to do things differently in the coming year. Most of us even start the change, but after a couple of weeks or even months, it falls away. (cue the sigh). Start with a small change and persevere until it becomes just a part of your life. Then move onto the next and repeat the process. It is also appropriate to set a significant goal but chunk it down into smaller bite-size bits, so it becomes doable. When you make the goal too big, you are less likely to implement or even start. The intention is not enough without action. By applying small changes, you are demonstrating to yourself proof that it is possible to achieve change. It is all about the mindset.

Some simple things you can start with are:

  • Create a gratitude jar: Decorate a cute jar and a small note pad. Record every day something positive or an event you are grateful for as a record of your year. It helps to change your mindset and lift your awareness of paying attention to the good things that happen rather than focussing on the negative.
  • Make realistic and achievable goals.
  • Write up a plan for the year.
  • Contact your friends and set dates for catch-ups during the year: This is a classic; “if you don’t do it now, it won’t happen” scenario. How often do we run into a friend and say, “We must catch up,” and another year passes without contact?
  • Arrange your dates for holidays and submit to your boss to ensure you get that time off. Check the public holidays set down for the coming year and see if there is the opportunity to have the maximum time off using the least amount of annual leave. For example, Easter and Xmas.
  • Set a financial goal: Consolidate your loans and bank accounts to reduce fees. Search for lost Superannuation. Put aside money for a holiday. Set yourself a challenge to save $5 notes instead of spending them. You will be amazed how quickly it adds up
  • Clear off your desk: Get a new journal, Archive old or unused files on your computer, buy new pens. Start fresh for 2020
  • Clear out clutter from your house: It sets the mindset for the beginning of your year. How you progress with this is up to you.
  • Challenge yourself to do an act of kindness every day. This does not have to be an earth-shattering event. Simple things like helping an elderly person across the road, letting a young parent with young children go ahead in the aisle. Smile even if you don’t get a response, ask a stranger if they need help if they look lost or stressed or also Leave out water for wildlife. The catch 22 is that you will receive value from delivering kindness as much as the person you just helped.
  • Find and print a quote that has an impact on you. Something that inspires or motivates or makes you feel good.
  • Update your resume, so you are prepared for new opportunities
  • Do that “one day I will” speech. Just START!

Good luck and:

  • Always be prepared to adjust your “life” course if you need to.
  • Be open to new opportunities that may have never crossed your mind.
  • Send a friend a random message telling them you are thinking of them. Because at that moment, you are
  • BE KIND. Treat everyone the same regardless of their position in life.
  • Lose Judgement of each other. Everyone has their own path to follow.

You never know where the Universe will lead you……..


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