Water Hack

We all know we should drink more water but if your like me and find it difficult to meet the daily quota, here’s a great hack. It looks great and inspires you to drink more

  • Buy a small water dispenser from a department stall. This one is only 3Lts and was $10
  • Cut up fresh lemon, lime or another type of fruit. Add mint or another herb if you fancy
  • Fill 1/2 way with ice
  • Add filtered water
  • The ice keeps it cold and refreshing. I advise to place a bowl or similar underneath to catch the condensation
  • Start with filling 1/2 way to condition yourself to drinking this quantity otherwise you can feel bloated when first starting

Just an FYI. There is such a thing as drinking too much water and you can overload the kidneys. The recommended daily quota for adults is 3-4 lts which can come from any source. At the very least, it may inspire to drink more water than you do currently. This hack is easy to do at home or work

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