Spinning Plates Syndrome

Ever felt that frustration of juggling multiple projects at once?

If you have a creative mind, you will understand the frustration experienced with many projects on the hop. Ideas are popping in faster than you can jot them down. Then, finding the time to get it out of your head and recording it on a computer or paper. If we try and do bits and pieces on all projects, it has been proven to be less productive. Confusion reigns and tracking is lost, making it difficult to recall where you were up to.

It has been shown if you write it all down, put the items into a priority list, tackle one task at a time, and remain focussed, then you will see better results. Prioritization and organization skills will become your best friends.

So, this is a great analogy to help keep you focused and on track rather than darting from one thing to another and never achieving anything.

If you think of an entertainer who spins multiple plates on sticks at once. He doesn’t just throw them up there all at once, and away he goes. No, he starts with one and builds momentum until it is stable. Once he is satisfied that it is stable enough, he will begin to focus on the next one. He will commence the next plate while still paying attention to the 1st plate, so it doesn’t lose momentum and fall and break. Once he is satisfied with the first and second plates, he will then move onto the third.

You will find this similar to successful people. Successful people do not set up multiple businesses at the same time. They start with one and stabilize it with great staff, quality products, and operations before shifting their focus to work on the next. A sensible business person will then go back and forth to ensure both businesses are keeping their momentum, so they don’t fall and break.

Once all the plates are up and running, then it is just a matter of continuing to maintain them.

Find a picture of someone juggling plates and put it next to your computer or whiteboard to remind you to remain focussed. It works


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