Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) or Periodic leg movement is a condition that causes involuntary kicking and jerking movements of the legs and arms, often repeated hundreds of times during sleep. It can occur prior to bed whilst sitting or lying down. It generally worsens with age. The sufferer, most times is unaware during sleep, but the partner will comment on restlessness in bed. RLS can cause brief arousals from sleep resulting in excessive daytime sleepiness. Because the sufferer is usually not aware of the sleep disturbance, they become frustrated with their daytime symptoms.


Restless legs can be associated with or without pain. It is generally a tingling, irritating sensation in the calf area. Some people claim a burning association as well as general fatigue in the legs.
The symptoms can come and go and increase and decrease in severity.

Medical conditions linked with RLS

Peripheral Neuropathy
Iron deficiencies
Parkinson’s disease
Renal dysfunction


Some physicians will diagnose on symptoms alone
A supervised sleep study


Cease coffee or stimulants after 2 pm
Stop smoking
Hot baths
Physical exercise for circulation
Relaxation exercise or massage prior to bed
Circulation booster machine

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