Step 3: Setting your sleep schedule

Step 3 is the outcome of the last 2 strategies to setting a consistent bed time and rise time suited to you

Now using your sleep number and natural waking cycle, decide the time you want to rise then using your sleep number work your way backwards.

For example: your rise time is 7am and your sleep number is 8 hours. You need to be in bed, LIGHTS OUT, by 11pm. When you are first setting your body clock it is important to be strict with this so on the occasions when you have other commitments and can’t meet your normal bedtime you will still wake at the same time regardless of how much sleep you got. How refreshed you feel will rely on if you are a lark or owl. Refer to about sleep¬†

Once you set your body clock and use the Sleep hygiene tips,  you should wake naturally feeling more refreshed and not rely on an alarm clock.

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