The Universe has a unique sense of humour

When my family moved to Queensland, it was decided to upgrade my car. I had seen the new Mazda 6 range and had put it out "there" that this would be my next car. I researched it all and knew the exact model and colour complete with a rear spoiler.  Being snowed under with setting up the new business, I was unable to get away from work so my husband sorted it and picked it up for me.  When he arrived home with my "new baby"  it was the wrong colour and style and being honest, I was really disappointed with it.  I was not aware of the importance of energy and emotion back then so I did not give any thought to the effect my attitude would have on my relationship with this car.

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Just Breathe

Anxiety is very much a part of life these days as well as sleep issues. During my research, I came across a breathing technique which appears to alleviate the feelings of anxiety, stress and can help you to initiate sleep. It is particularly helpful to use it when if you first feel that subtle awareness of agitation in the pit of your stomach just before you suffer an anxiety or stress rush. By doing this exercise, it may just stop it from occurring or at the very least, lessen the impact.

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Pay Attention

“Become aware of your thoughts, and you can change your reality” 

I have a picture on the wall behind my desk at work  that quotes “we are creators of our reality through our thoughts”, and most patients will make a comment on it. What becomes very apparent is that although many have heard the quote, not many have really stopped to think about what it means. It certainly makes for some interesting conversations.

I have believed for many years that we are creators of our own life whether we like to admit it or not. Whether through conscious decisions or unconsciously through our thoughts we ultimately pay the price or reap the benefits for those thoughts. If we are going through a hard time, it WILL eventually pass, but in the interim, it is the stress that keeps building and the powerful negative emotion that comes from within that plants us smack in the middle of an  out of control situation.  A great example of this in my own life was about ten years ago while working in my business.Continue reading

The Mind

A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind”  Anon

Next, to the heart, the mind is the most powerful tool we have. It can talk us in or out of anything. It can drive us to self-loathing or drive us to self-love. It can empower or disempower. To make positive changes in life, we must first convince the mind. Pay attention to your thoughts as it drives the mind to create your reality. What you allow to consume your mind will ultimately control your life. Our limitations only exist in our minds. Are you getting this??


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The Body

Treasure your body for it is the vessel that carries you through life.   

Love it or hate it, we cannot exist without our body. The body is the outer shell where our soul and mind reside, and if mistreated it will turn on us. The body lets us know fairly quickly if we are kind or unkind to ourselves. Our overall health is, in my opinion, a significant factor in our everyday ability to live well. You can have all the material things in the world, but you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health. No matter what your body shape or the state of your health you must learn to appreciate the body you have. Learn to love it.  Make it a habit of prioritising sleep, eating a healthy and natural diet as part of a regime and exercise regularly. It doesn’t have to be extreme.Continue reading

The Soul

You don’t have a SOUL; you are a SOUL. You have a body – Buddha 

The soul is the essence of who we are. It is our core, and we extend out from there. It is the part of us where our unique gifts and true character reside. Our SOUL is our representation of who we are to the world. Our personalities develop from our life experiences and the lessons we learn along the way, but you cannot change the essence of someone. I have known for many years that a person can present how they want the world to see them, but essentially the truth of their being or the essence of who they are will ultimately become visible. You can only pretend for so long.

I believe that our souls are our guidance system that helps us to recognise our own kind. An example is when you meet someone for the first time. You unconsciously pick up an energy vibration from them. Some you will instantly like and feel comfortable in their company. Others you will not. This reaction is a soul to soul match or mismatch, but whichever way we choose to go, the response will give us guidance along the way. Continue reading