Seminars and Workshops


INSOMNIA AND SLEEP EDUCATION / STRATEGIES SEMINAR  ( 2 - 3 hours)                                                      $90

As a sleep consultant for over 16 years I have first hand knowledge of the increasing number of people presenting to their doctors with chronic tiredness, stress and low coping mechanisms.
Lifestyle choices, work commitments and ignorance are all contributing factors to this tiredness as well as undiagnosed sleep disorders such as Insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless legs syndrome, REM behaviour disorder.

This seminar will cover all things sleep to educate attendees on all the behaviors we inadvertently do to interrupt our quality of sleep leading to poor health and quality of life. You will walk away with a clear understanding and strategies to implement. Subjects covered during the talk will be:

• Understanding your sleep and why it is so important
• Common Sleep disorders
• Sleep and your health consequence
• Sleep and your weight consequence
• An overview of simple strategies to implement changes to your sleep patterns and maintain good sleep habits
• Introduction to therapies incorporating relaxation and switching off the “busy mind” syndrome
• Q & A with an opportunity to discuss individual’s scenarios

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LIFE STRATEGIES WORKSHOP          ( 4 hours)                                                                                                           $90

As part of my role as a consultant I developed close relationships with a lot of my clients and discovered that too many of them were not coping with life. Depression and mood swings were amongst the more common thread. Clients were struggling to cope with their everyday tasks. They were stressed, time poor, over committed and drowning in responsibilities so for many they were at at the end of their tether. This allowed me an incredible insight into the day to day juggling people from all walks of life had to deal with. I myself was swimming in the same pool. Running my own business, raising 4 children, working 10+ hours everyday as well as meeting school commitments, homework, kids sports and the list goes on.  Somehow I had managed to keep my head above water. I wasn't sinking or depressed or peeved with life. So how did I do it?

This workshop will introduce you to simple strategies from the everyday to mapping out your year. Introduction to diet and exercise management and easy lifestyle strategies to take away with you.

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LIVE AN ORGANISED LIFE                  (4 hours)                                                                                                              $90

This seminar is designed to give you strategies to help you introduce simple and effective solutions into your life. It will cover:

  • Time management
  • The art of prioritising
  • The art of discipline and procrastination
  • Mapping out your year
  • Scheduling
  • Menu planning
  • Health planning
  • Recreation planning

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